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Hello! Thanks for checking out our website. Our family is committed to providing the care, love and attention these pups require in order to enhance the quality of their life as well as yours.  Through DNA testing, OFA certifications, Bad Ass Breeder’s curriculum and puppy evaluations, we ensure that we will be able to place the right puppy with your family.  Matching the puppy’s temperament and traits with your family’s circumstances and lifestyle will help to enhance your experience and journey together. 

Our Breeds


Goldendoodles Bernedoodles Sheepadoodles  Golden Mountain Doodles


At Dapper Doodle Pups, we understand the joy that a well-bred and lovingly raised doodle can bring to a family. Our commitment goes beyond just breeding; it extends to the health, temperament, and overall well-being of each and every pup we bring into the world.

As enthusiasts of these delightful crossbreeds, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our breeding program. From selecting top-quality parent dogs with exceptional lineage to providing a nurturing environment for our litters, our goal is to raise happy, healthy, and socialized doodles that seamlessly integrate into your family.



the program

Puppy Evaluations take place at close to 8 weeks. This helps us understand each puppy’s trait’s to make a successful pairing between the puppy and your family.  

Have fun checking out our website, and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. And always…

“Embrace joy, and live in the moment through the companionship and power of a dog!”

The process


How It Works


It is my goal to help make this journey an incredible experience for both you and your new puppy. I’m prepared to supply you with the correct tools to help you feel confident and set you and your new puppy up for success. I will help provide resources to help make this a positive and bonding time for your family. Together we are going to make a dynamite team! I can’t wait to start this journey with you.


Kindly fill out our application form to help us understand your preferences and ensure a perfect match between you and your new furry companion.

Schedule a Call

After we have received your puppy application we will schedule a call with you to go over and answer any questions you may have. 

Reserve Your Puppy

We require a non refundable deposit to secure your spot on the waitlist or to reserve your puppy.

what sets us apart


Why choose Dapper Doodle Pups?


Join us on this exciting journey of bringing together the best qualities of these beloved breeds, creating not just pets, but cherished members of your family. Welcome to the world of Dapper Doodle Pups, where every doodle is bred with love and care, ensuring a lifetime of tail wags and heartwarming moments.

See what others say


Raised Well By Her Breeder

Charli went to her first vet visit yesterday and passed with flying colors.  I have had the same vet for 20 years and he said I picked a really good puppy. The vet said he could tell this  puppy was raised well by her breeder. Thank you so much!

Best Dog We've Ever Had

Bruno really has been the best dog we have ever had. I have followed all of the instructions you have sent me and it is working!  Everyone that meets him is so impressed with his behavior at such a young age.

Thank You So Much

Hope is a true lover and is going to be so awesome as she grows. I’m very lucky I met you and was able to find her. Thanks so much!

Winnie is So Smart

Winnie is SO smart. She knows sit and is doing great at sitting for attention instead of jumping. She is also great at potty training and knows to ring the bell to go outside and will go potty when she is told “potty.” She is learning down, place, break, up, kennel, and off. Probably more words that I can’t think of.

Can't Thank You Enough

I can’t thank you enough for raising such a wonderful pup in his first few weeks of life. He’s perfect and great with the kiddos. We couldn’t love him more.

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